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Latest news

09 SEP#13 in the Official German Album Charts

New in the shop

Now, thanks to you, we actually ended up at number 13 in the official German album charts. And that in a week where the big Major release overwhelmed each other. If someone had told us that 25 years ago, we would have said everyone was crazy!


Thanks for the great start with our own label S98 Records! Thank you for your great feedback on the new record and thanks to everyone who supports us by buying a sound carrier during these times. We really appreciate it!!!


See you on tour!!!


September 22, 2023 - Lübeck / Rider's Cafe

September 23, 2023 - Munich / Backstage

11/24 2023 - Dresden / Pushkin

November 25th, 2023 - Jena / F-House

December 1st, 2023 - Essen - Turock

02.12.2023 - Berlin - SO36




01 SEP New Music Video "Wir halten die Fahnen weiter hoch"

With our third single we want to memorialize all the loved ones who are no longer with us. Everyone knows how it feels to lose someone. Death rips a piece of your heart out and there's nothing that can help in a moment like that. The loss remains forever, the grief becomes a memory and this must be preserved. We talk, laugh and cry about what we have experienced together. Berthold Brecht once said, "A person is only really dead when no one thinks of them anymore". With this song we hold on to all those who are no longer with us. You are always with us!



01 SEPNEW RECORD "STOMPER98" Now available

Our new album "STOMPER98" is now available in stores and as a stream on all common portals.

Get the record, stream it on a continuous loop and above all: turn up the speakers and say hello to the disc!!

Video premiere today at 5 p.m.!!!







11 AugVideo premiere "Outsider"

So langsam rückt die Veröffentlichung unseres neuen Albums am 01.09.2023 in greifbare Nähe! Und mit "Außenseiter" folgt heute unsere zweite Single Auskopplung!

„Was ist besser, angesagt an eine kranke Gesellschaft oder "anders" sein? Viele Menschen haben mit Vorurteilen zu kämpfen. Immer wieder muss man sich erklären oder man versucht, es anderen recht zu machen. Es muss doch möglich sein, jemanden so zu akzeptieren, wie man auch selber abgenommen werden möchte.

Die Menschen neigen dazu, ihre Lebenskonzepte auf andere zu übertragen. Bei merken sie, wie beengend das sein kann. "Außenseiter" ist bei uns keine Vorverurteilung, es ist ein Begriff der eigenen Freiheit. So leben, wie die eigenen Bedürfnisse es verlangen, ohne sich zu verstellen! "Leben und leben lassen", oft zitiert und doch für viele eine Floskel. Für uns ein Grundsatz der es ermöglicht, seinen Platz zu finden und dabei glücklich zu werden."









14 JulyVideo premiere "Alex - Shadows of the Night"

How long have we waited for this moment! And we even took our time for a full 25 years for our first music video. "Alex - Schatten der Nacht" is the first single from the album "Stomper 98" which will be released on September 1st, 2023. Have fun with it!

"In the film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, Alex undergoes the transformation from psychopathic violent criminal to helpless patient of psychological experiments. Alex speaks of "the deepest associations between one's own catastrophic environmental experiences and the brutality seen". With a view to the society in which we live, the use of social media, the topic has lost none of its topicality and it has been shown again and again that a non-violent, just and peaceful world will unfortunately remain a utopia. Alex and his droogs are neither good nor evil, they are what society created, sinners and saints. We sing about what is happening around us, what we see, what we feel, what we feel. Our first single in five years is an inventory of uncontrollable impressions that affect us every day and leave their mark!"










28 March  available again in all colors


Hi guys,

our new album "Stomper98" will be released on time for the 25th band anniversary

09/01/2023. Thirteen new songs, 42:37 minutes playing time, 100% Stomper98.


1. Der Stachel im Arsch

2. Außenseiter

3. Wir halten die Fahnen weiter hoch

4. Bleibt mir allesamt gestohlen

5. Erkennst Du Dich wieder

6. Auf die Stimmen einer Generation

7. Deutschland im Chaos

8. Alle gegen alle, jeder gegen jeden

9. 25 Jahre

10. Alex - Schatten der Nacht

11. Boots, Bier und Bomberjacken

12. So lange her

13. Achtundneunzig Nächte







26 May    25 Years Stomper 98 Tour 2023

Hi guys,

For the weekend we are happy to announce something great!

On September 23rd we're playing at Backstage Munich, and besides "SKINSECTS" we've invited another promising band! We are happy to share the stage with "THE SPARTANICS"! Best (lower class) punk from Leipzig!


12 May    25 Years Stomper 98 Tour 2023

We celebrate the festivals as they come!

North to South, East to West!

We have prepared half a dozen birthday parties and we are very happy

looking forward to celebrating with you!

Let's spend some nice evenings together! We have invited great bands for every concert and can't wait to finally trundle through clubs again and turn night into day with old and new songs!

It's going to be awesome, you can believe it! Oi!

Tickets are available by clicking the button above!

08/17/2023 Loburg / Spirit Festival

09/22/2023 Lübeck / Riders Café

September 23, 2023 Munich / Backstage

24.11.2023 Dresden / Pushkin

25.11.2023 Jena / F house

01.12.2023 Essen / Turock

02.12.2023 Berlin / SO36

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