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26 May    25 Jahre Stomper 98 Tour 2023

Moin Leute,

zum Wochenende haben wir die Freude noch etwas Tolles bekannt zu geben!

Am 23. September spielen wir ja im Backstage München, und neben den "SKINSECTS", haben wir noch eine weitere vielversprechende Band eingeladen! Wir freuen uns mit "THE SPARTANICS" die Bühne zu teilen! Bester (Lower class) Punk aus Leipzig!


12 May    25 Jahre Stomper 98 Tour 2023

We celebrate the festivals as they come!

North to South, East to West!

We have prepared half a dozen birthday parties and we are very happy

looking forward to celebrating with you!

Let's spend some nice evenings together! We have invited great bands for every concert and can't wait to finally trundle through clubs again and turn night into day with old and new songs!

It's going to be awesome, you can believe it! Oi!

Tickets are available by clicking the button above!

17.08.2023 Loburg / Spirit Festival

22.09.2023 Lübeck / Riders Café

23.09.2023 München / Backstage

24.11.2023 Dresden / Puschkin

25.11.2023 Jena / F-Haus

01.12.2023 Essen / Turock

02.12.2023 Berlin / SO36

15 FEB    25 Jahre Stolper 98 Spirit Festival

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04 Dec   X Mas Sale

Hello folks, the last month of the year has now begun and we are quickly heading towards our 25th band anniversary year. A lot has happened with us in the last few weeks and to get straight to the point, our singer Sebi is doing better under the circumstances. It's now a matter of time and calm that lies ahead of him, we're all pretty sure we'll be able to go back on stage next year. Your recovery wishes have all been received and thank you again for that!!

At the same time we are working in the recording studio and you can be sure that there will be a few tons of Oi!Oi! Music rolled down the mountain!

And from Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, there will be a 15% discount on everything you order in our web shop. The whole campaign will then run until 12/12/22! Simply enter the voucher code "Oi!" at the end of the order. enter and the 15% discount will be deducted.

Have a good start into the new week, see you. Oi!

28 March  available again in all colors

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