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Anyone who has ended up here will have heard of our band. Oi !, Punk and Offbeat meet traditional skinhead lifestyle. We could let Revue happen for 22 years now , but not today. We will definitely share our band history here with you in the near future. The way it was, the way we experienced it, and the way it is.


Stomper 98 see themselves as a traditional skinhead band from the working class and sing about what's going on around them.


We are not interested in your skin color or your origin. With us there is no place for racists and fascists. Our music is in the tradition of classic Oi! and first wave punk bands.


If you want to get an idea of ​​us, listen to our songs and read our lyrics.


From 1998 to today is a long time. We always managed to keep the band alive, even if it wasn't easy at times. In the end we always did what we thought was right. We will continue to do so in the future, because everything else would not be our style.


See you at the bar!


Stomper 98, March 2020

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