Avenir Light ist eine klare, stilvolle Schriftart, die beliebt bei Designern ist. Sie eignet sich perfekt für Titel und Absätze.

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28 March available again in all colors


27 March Live Concerts 2022


06 Dec X-Mas Sale

Dec 6th to Dec 12th 20% on merch and records

14 Sep Spirit Festival 2021

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The "Sprit from the Street" Festival 2021 is behind us and we had a damn good evening! It was wonderful and it was damn good to celebrate with you guys! The next concert of ours will be in  April  Will take place in Berlin in 2022. There we catch up with the failed show from last year. We'll keep you posted and we'll have details on that soon  known  give!

14. Apr  "...bis hierher" last copies available


13th Dec Oi! 40 Years Untamed 12 "Compilation

Do you already know the latest Oi! Compilation by Garry Bushell? 40 years ago he compiled the legendary "Oi! The Album" as a journalist for the British Sounds Magazine. Sparked bands like Cockney Rejects, The 4-Skins, Angelic Upstarts, The Exploited and so a new wave of punk rock from. Classics like "Carry on Oi!", "Strenght thru Oi!" And "Oi! Oi! That's yer a lot" followed. Everything sampler with the bands that came to the first Oi! Counting waves and inspired us as young boys to pick up the instruments ourselves.


Now we are here, over 20 years later, and we are very happy to be featured on the anniversary album "Oi! 40 years untamed" with the newly released song "Bessere Zeiten".


Available from " Pirates Press Records "


26. Nov Black Antisocial Weekend

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13. Nov New Merch available

It's cold and uncomfortable out there. There is now a matching scarf in four different color combinations.


Your club, your city, your crew!


You can order the beautiful piece exclusively in our shop.


We wish you all a great weekend. Oi!

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31 Oct  Out on Tape "Für die Ewigkeit"


Good Morning,


our third album "Für die Ewigkeit" is in the starting blocks as a cassette and can now be pre-ordered exclusively from "Fuck The Mainstream - We Are The Mainstream Records".


Like the tapes before, it is limited to 98 pieces and will no longer be available individually in this form.


The official release date is November 16.


We wish you all a lot of strength and energy in the coming weeks! Oi!